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Cook of passion

Introduction of dishes

Offering beef of "highest rank A5 grade" food ingredients of passion

For dinner, please enjoy the taste of passion using carefully selected “Japanese Wagyu” A5 grade.
You can choose sukiyaki or shabu-shabu as the main dinner.
Please select Sukiyaki or Shabu Shabu at the time of booking.

You can enjoy local vegetables, seasonal ingredients and dessert with the main beef.
The owner runs a butcher shop where you can enjoy exceptional quality meat.
We use Japanese black Wagyu with good quality that melts in your mouth.

The individual identification number used for the day is displayed at the restaurant every day.
Passion for customers to enjoy with peace of mind.

Main dish

Cooking ingredients·additional fee

  • Meal·Add material

    ◆Meat 1 person 4,500 yen(Cow or Pig / For sukiyaki and shabu-shabu)

    ◆Assorted vegetables, 2 servings, 1,600 yen/1 serving, 800 yen

    ◆Various vegetables, From 100 yen per person

    ◆egg, 1, 100 yen

    ※Ingredients may not be available depending on availability.
    The price is based on the above, but may vary.
    Please ask the staff for details.


A Japanese-friendly breakfast is available.