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Overnight Stay Plan

Please enjoy the healing of a different space different from usual in the guest room which boasts of.

Lodging facilities to choose according to your style of choice

Zao Onsen has various accommodation facilities of various sizes and styles.
You can choose according to your style, such as a hotel, hotel, pension etc.
For example, if you want to spend relaxing time relaxing in hot springs in a Japanese atmosphere, hot-spring inns are the best choice.
For those who want to enjoy skiing and snowboarding, hotels and inns within the slopes are recommended.
Why do not you choose your own accommodation as it is a pleasant trip?

Room content

All the rooms are in our room "Among the Minato".
It is like expanding the chart and wanting to see the ocean in the telescope,
It is an artistic space that stirs up romance.
In the space where the ship's round artwork was given,
Please relax while feeling the flow of luxury time.
  • Special deals plan

    From the large windows you can see the spacious Pacific Ocean and enjoy the voyage artwork.●It was a calm space.
    You can spend your free time while looking at the sea.
    Mattress prepares the original "Fluffy Sleeve" and invites you for a pleasantContinue reading
    Room rate
    From \ 10,000
  • Easy mealless plan

    We can rest for relaxing even for two adults.
    Recommended for couples, couples, and families with small children.
    Room rate
    From \ 7,000