【Official】Yufu no Irodori YADOYA Oohashi

~ ◆About measures against new type coronavirus infection◆ ~

Thank you for Yufu no Irodori YADOYA Oohashi the official website of Yufu no Irodori YADOYA Oohashi.

We have been taking various anti-virus measures before, but we have begun to take urgent measures with the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

At present, we are preparing antibacterial sprays at all entrances of the main building and lobby as measures against various viruses such as norovirus and influenza.
When you check in or come to the restaurant, it is troublesome, but please spray the spray all over your body.
※The staff will also provide guidance, so thank you for your cooperation.

When we spend in common space, we ask for cooperation of cough, sneezing etiquette.

In order to prevent infection, this facility installed a high chromium mist (hypochlorous acid) in fiscal 2003, and on January 25, 2007, "Jokinar", which was approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, was installed in rooms and lobby.
From 2020, we have introduced a stationary spray-type disinfection machine that can easily disinfect hands with hypochlorous acid at the entrance to restaurants.
At present, the parts touched by customers are wiped daily with a disinfecting spray.

We would be grateful if you could cooperate with the disinfection and disinfection.
We will continue to make every effort to ensure that our guests can stay with peace of mind.

~ Greetings and announcements ~

  • ~ Greetings to everyone who comes ~

    The hotel “Yufu no Irodori YADOYA Oohashi” is an inn for 2 adults only.
    Lover, Mother & Daughter, Married Couples, Friends···
    We promise a blissful time for all “two people”.


    A large inn of 3300 tsubo with 14 buildings and separate inns with open-air baths.
    Provide a high-quality space to enjoy with your five senses.

    Stay away from the hustle and bustle of the day and spend a relaxing holiday at Yufuin.
    To make each customer's trip a wonderful one,
    All staff will be happy to assist you.

    Yufu no Irodori YADOYA Oohashi General Manager
  • 【10th anniversary plan】Official website only! 5000 yen discount plan per person

    Yufu no Irodori YADOYA Oohashi has celebrated its 10th anniversary.

    This time, we have prepared a 10th anniversary commemorative plan limited to the official homepage.

    It is a great plan of 5,000 yen discount per person.
    As it is limited to date, please take early when making a reservation.

    There are two main plan dinner: Sukiyaki and Shabu-Shabu.
    Please choose the one you like.

    In addition, for anniversaries, there is a separate charge, but you can also order cakes.

    Please come to Yufuin on this occasion.

~YADOYA Ohashi's passion~

  • ~Japanese black Wagyu directly managed by a butcher shop~

    The owner runs a butcher shop where you can enjoy exceptional quality meat.
    We use Japanese black Wagyu with good quality that melts in your mouth.

    You can choose sukiyaki or shabu-shabu as the main dinner.
    The individual identification number used for the day is displayed at the restaurant every day.
    Passion for customers to enjoy with peace of mind.

    Tighten the fine meat that melts in your mouth under a sweet spicy.
    Please enjoy the meat that melts in the passion Egg "Ran Oh".

    Please enjoy the flavor of the meat as it is.
    Please enjoy the shabu-shabu that you can eat.
  • ~All 14 rooms are all open-air baths·Apart from inside bath~

    All rooms have an open-air bath and an indoor bath.
    Some rooms have a view of Yufutake you can enjoy bathing while watching Yufutake while taking an outdoor bath.
    From check-in to check-out, you can enter the hot spring all the time.
    The outdoor bath can also be used as a footbath, and it is also recommended to have a leisurely chat.
    This facility does not have a public bath, but you can enjoy the open-air bath and indoor bath in your room.
    Please fully enjoy the hot springs of Yufuin.
  • ~Anniversary or birthday~

    YADOYA Ohashi is preparing an anniversary plan.
    We will do our best to make it a special day for you.

    In the plan with a cake, please relax in your room after meals.

    ◆Anniversary cake of Yufuin's sweets shop “Gin no Irodori” will be prepared.
     I will ask the message in advance. Please choose whether it is fresh cream or chocolate cake.
    ※We will receive your desired message. Please fill in the remarks column.
     Please send me a message as long as 15 to 20 characters.
    ※If there is no request, the message will be “Anniversary” and the cake will be fresh cream.

Accommodation Features·Introduction of facilities

  • Garden with a pond, Omoishi

    Relax in the garden and take a walk.
    We are also preparing a salmon feed.

    Also, why don't you circulate “Omoishi”?
    Omoishi is a mysterious paper that melts in the water prayed at Unaki Hime Shrine.
    We have prepared a trip that will fulfill your wishes.
    Write a wish and float on the pond.
  • Main building "Ummo(Sparkling)"

    The main building has a lobby and a restaurant.
    Check-in and check-out are available at the front desk.

    If you go out the main store, the back door of the restaurant, you will find a lofted room.
    When you leave the entrance and cross the bridge, you can see the one-story apart.

    All 14 rooms coordinated based on traditional Japanese colors.
    We will welcome you with each personality.
    And the most luxurious is the calm two-person time.
  • Lobby with wood stove

    There is a wood-burning stove in the Yufutake view lobby.
    In addition, we have a “Omoishi” in the lobby.
    Please relax and have a good time.

    There is also a personal computer that you can use in the lobby.
    Please feel free to use it.

    A hearty journey, an exciting journey, a heart healing trip.
    We bring you one person to the place of remembrance and time of thought.
    Please enjoy a fine time in a fine space.
Accommodation Features·Introduction of facilities


Google Map

Hotel Name

Yufu no Irodori , YADOYA, ohashi


1235 Kawakita, Yufuin Town, Yufu City, Oita Prefecture

Telephone number



◆Yufuin Station about 5 minutes by car from Yufuin Station.

Pick-up presence (condition)
I will pick you up from Yufuin Station as soon as we receive it.(Free)

As dinner starts from 18:00, after 17:00
Please understand we can not respond to the transfer.
Go to the traffic access page


  • Put your thoughts on a mysterious paper that dissolves in water

    A Omoishi prayed by the lord of the Unaki Hime Shrine.
    Spell your wishes and thoughts on a mysterious “Omoishi” that melts in water and float on the pond on the premises.
    The state of unwinding is like a wish rising to heaven···!

    May your wishes come true.

    Omoishi free to use the Omoishi lobby.

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.